New Year, New You – What are your learning goals for 2018?

Learning in workplace training courses is not always that helpful for everyday use. They are often inflexible around our goals and everyday work too. As it turns out, many of us actually feel that most of our learning and developing in the workplace comes from our experiences rather than structured courses. Charles Jennings’ 70:20:10 explains … Continue reading “New Year, New You – What are your learning goals for 2018?”


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New Year, New You: Any resolutions?

New Year resolutions are full of best intentions. However, according to The Huffington Post, only around 8% of people actually complete their resolution. Between one and three weeks is the most common period of time that people give up on them. Dr. Roberta Anding of Baylor College of Medicine says that we’re not thinking about … Continue reading “New Year, New You: Any resolutions?”