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Stop procrastinating: Eat That Frog

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Last week we introduced Best-Selling Author Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog! Video Training Program as our newest featured video series in BlueBottleBiz. The program features 21 ways to stop procrastinating and get things done.

Honestly, who doesn’t need a lesson on how to stop procrastinating?

Stop Procrastinating with Brian Tracy's Eat That FrogIf you tend to put off big tasks…

…then Brian Tracy’s videos are for you. The Eat That Frog! Video Training Program consists of 24 videos that offer straightforward methods and strategies for achieving success, both personally and professionally. The key? Simply eliminate putting off important tasks. Or, as Tracy says, eat your ugliest frog first.

(***In case you’re wondering, a “frog” is your biggest task and often the one that’s most avoided. But if completed, the frog reaps the best, most significant benefits.)

Eradicate the problem of procrastination, and achieve your greatest success by following Brian Tracy’s strategies. Below are 10 glimpses into the insights you’ll receive by tuning into the full Eat That Frog! Video Training Program.

10 ways to stop procrastinating

  1. Be selective. There’s simply no way to 100% catch up on tasks, whether they be reading, responding to emails, household chores, etc. To-do lists will continue to grow. That’s why we have to be selective on the items that absolutely need to get done. Once the selection of tasks is made and your list narrowed, focus on one thing at a time for maximum efficiency.
  2. Decide what you want to achieve. This tip pertains to every aspect of life. Clarity is the key to personal and professional success. The more clear the goals – and the steps to achieve those goals – the harder it’ll be to deviate from the plan. Bonus: Write down what you want to achieve! There’s beauty in visual reminders.
  3. Actively think and plan ahead. This process unlocks your mental power and creativity, and increases your mental and physical energies. Action without a plan leads to big problems. So, think list making.
  4. Don’t focus on “the trivial many”. Instead, focus on the top one or two tasks that will make the most impact. Then, delegate the rest. (See The 80/20 Rule And How It Can Change Your Life by Kevin Kruse, Forbes leadership columnist and a Top 100 Business Thought Leader). Stop procrastinating with goal setting
  5. Evaluate the significance of your tasks. In doing so, you’ll better determine the frog in which to eat first. Choose the tasks that will make the biggest impacts in your life. Long-term perspective is one of the most important factors in determining your success because it will lead to better decision making.
  6. Practice the ABCDE Method. Start with your to-do list, then put an A, B, C, D or E next to each item. An “A item” is the most important, with the most positive and negative consequences. B items are those you should do, which have mild consequences. C tasks are nice to do, but there’s no harm done if the tasks are not complete – and so on and so forth. It’s all about prioritization.
  7. Identify your three key tasks. There are likely three key tasks that you should focus on in your career, in order to be successful. These three tasks are likely the ones that make the most impact on your company, and the ones your boss takes note of. Spend time thinking about what these three task groups are. Then, look at your list and pinpoint what can be delegated, outsourced or eliminated altogether.
  8. Learn what you need to learn. Procrastinating sometimes happens because we aren’t confident in our skills. Continuous learning helps build confidence. Good thing you have BlueBottleBiz here to help with your lifelong learning endeavors! An important reminder: The skills we need to get our jobs done effectively today are already becoming obsolete. So keep learning.
  9. Answer the question, “What holds you back?” Study your tasks and pinpoint the constraints or limiting factors that keep you from crossing big items off your list. Then, concentrate your energies on eliminating the constraints. But, before working to eliminate, make sure you’ve identified the right ones.
  10. Become your own cheerleader. Keep yourself motivated by becoming (or remaining) an optimist. Always speak to yourself in a positive manner. Lastly, look for the good in every situation.

Feeling inspired?

If so, access the full Eat That Frog! Video Training Program by signing up for your BlueBottleBiz membership today.

Brian Tracy Eat That Frog! Discovery Path
Brian Tracy Eat That Frog! Discovery Path