(English) New Year, New You: Any resolutions?

New Year, New You: Any resolutions

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New Year resolutions are full of best intentions. However, according to The Huffington Post, only around 8% of people actually complete their resolution. Between one and three weeks is the most common period of time that people give up on them.

Dr. Roberta Anding of Baylor College of Medicine says that we’re not thinking about resolutions in the right way.

“January 1 signifies a new beginning. However, each day allows for a new beginning, and hence it is a reset.”

At BlueBottleBiz, we fully subscribe to the idea that every day is an opportunity for the fresh start.

Collaborative learning through the BlueBottleBiz platform will help you start with your New Year’s resolution. All through January, we will be showing you how with our dedicated discovery paths.

These will be focused on self-betterment across a range of topics including; management and leadership skills, finding a new job and interview skills, marketing skills, online and software training, project management, and time management. We will also be focusing on women’s perspectives on leadership and management roles. This follows the upward trends leading from 2017 that we anticipate to continue into 2018.

These exclusive discovery paths will be free to access for new and existing users to give everyone the same opportunity to succeed in the new year.

A helping hand

The unique part of BlueBottleBiz’s platform is the network. This allows you to join groups, connect and follow influential leaders in your areas of interest. The platform will also give you personalized suggested content from our 50,000 assets of videos, books, articles, and podcasts.

How to start

As part of our New Year, New You campaign, you can try a number of discovery paths completely free of charge. Here a couple for you to try.

How to motivate yourself and others

Changing attitudes to get the job you want, quicker

How to be a positive female leader

Once you’ve had a go at these, why don’t you try building your own discovery path and share it with a colleague?

These discovery paths are completely free of charge to access, but if you’re looking to develop your knowledge beyond this, why not take a look at the recommended training paths which explore the topics in more detail.