Online presence after Cambridge Analytica: A brief approach


Privacy after Cambridge Analytica Scandal

IT privacy has been in the headlines after the last couple of weeks with companies like Cambridge Analytica seemingly able to use our online self to sell us products and even election candidates. With headlines like this, it is entirely rational to concerned with your online privacy, and what you are showing to the rest of the internet on things like your social media pages. Moreover, is demonstrates important lessons that we must learn and pass on to our children.

There have been allegations that companies, including Cambridge Analytica, have harvested personal information from over 50 million Facebook accounts. The aim of this was to use this information to influence elections, and the two major events in this discussion are the election of US President Trump and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, both of which could have huge, global implications.

A study, by WPP-owned Syzygy and marketing intelligence platform Attest, have studied 1,000 participants in the UK and of which, 5% have deleted Facebook, with another 6% stating that they intend to delete Facebook. With hashtags on over socials medias calling for others to #DeleteFacebook, there has never been more scrutiny on us, our online selves, and the companies of which we entrust with this information.

Our share on understanding the web

At BlueBottleBiz, we believe in being able to give people the tools to get on and do their jobs, but for many of us, we were very trained in social media, and, we have all despaired when that distant relative shares something on Facebook which may be offensive, it turns out something much darker may have been going on the whole time.

We believe that one of understanding the web, is by understanding how it is all put together, what all the information is, where is it stored, how it is designed and how it can be accessed. Therefore, we are working with our content partner Stone River eLearning to promote their online videos which can help grow and sharpen the skills of a complete novice to a seasoned pro. We believe that at this time, where we appear to understand very little about the way our information is used on the internet, we need to arm ourselves with more information.

We have handpicked a couple of interesting web courses from Stone River eLearning to get you started. They are not specifically about online privacy, but instead, give you the tools to understanding what is behind the front page, and look at the inner workings of the web to help you realize where your information is going.

Fundamentals of HTML 

Fundamentals of MySQL 

Introduction to Web Design 

Build a Responsive Website with a Modern Flat Design