Podcast with Brian Reich: The Imagination Gap

“Stop thinking the way you should and start making extraordinary things happen.”

Brian Reich, Author of The Imagination Gap
Brian Reich, Author of The Imagination Gap

That’s the tagline for Brian Reich’s new book, The Imagination Gap, available now in BlueBottleBiz.

In our latest podcast, we caught up with Brian on Skype to talk about concepts covered in The Imagination Gap. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find Brian’s way of thinking simply eye-opening.

For background: Brian is a strategist for executive leaders and global brands — nonprofits, startups and political organizations.

By listening to our latest podcast with Brian Reich, you’ll:

  • Explore innovative thinking for using “imagination” without boundaries
  • Learn what might be blocking your ability to express your imaginative ideas
  • Discover how even the most innovative industries may limit creative thinking
  • Learn how Jazz composition can be likened to the creative process

Listen in as Brian talks more about The Imagination Gap.


Are you looking for more inspiring content? Then check out Brian’s additional resources on his site: TheImaginationGap.com.