Audiobooks are here to stay


Lately, it feels as if the world’s fast-forward button has been jammed, and now we’re all being forced to live life at high speed. Rushing here, rushing there, barely having enough time to do anything, much less, stop and read a book. But that doesn’t mean we are willing to give up books altogether.

There is no doubt that you’ve heard of audiobooks, (and if you haven’t, where have you been?), but you probably didn’t know just how far the history of audiobooks extends.

From recorded books to audiobooks

Initially, way back in 1932, books were recorded onto vinyls with the sole intention of providing reading material for the blind. Of course, as the decades passed and technology advanced, so did the availability and the quality of recorded books. Of course, the more common these recording became, the more the people (blind or not) wanted them.

The term “audiobook” didn’t become the norm until 1994, and by then, technology was well on its way to drastic breakthroughs. See, vinyl “audiobooks” were capable of roughly 30 minutes, and cassette “audiobooks” of 95. Amazon’s Audible’s first portable audio player could hold about two hours of audio, but now, smartphones, which are the primary devices used to listen to audiobooks, are capable of up to 10,000 hours of audio, (of course, this would mean that there could be no other media on the device whatsoever, but still!). (Audio & Memory Cards)

In the same way that the space to hold audiobooks has exploded, so has the availability of platforms from which to obtain them. From Audible to Kobo to Downpour, each site has its own pros and cons. But, we have good news here at BlueBottleBiz. As we truly strive to always stay on top of the trends in business and learning, we have decided to implement audiobooks onto our own platform. If you are already a subscriber to BBB, there will be no extra fee, so you will granted the freedom to start listening to all the books you wanted to read but never found the time to immediately. Talk about a win!

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A short history of the audiobook, 20 years after the first portable digital audio device

Author: Nichole Jones