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Earlier this week, we launched BlueBottleBiz v2, available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Since delivering a personalized learning experience to our members is important to us, the latest version of the app mirrors the recently revamped cloud platform.

While the mobile learning industry steadily gains momentum, BlueBottleBiz continues to lead the charge in providing an all encompassing, mobile solution to our members. Are you ready to start learning on the go? Alternatively, you may be looking for a solution that fits your busy lifestyle. Whatever the case, download BlueBottleBiz v2 to begin expanding and sharing knowledge with like-minded professionals.

Download BlueBottleBiz v2 for iOS
Download BlueBottleBiz v2 for iOS
Download BlueBottleBiz v2 for Android
Download BlueBottleBiz v2 for Android

Here are the top 10 reasons to download BlueBottleBiz v2

  1. You’ll never miss a beat when transitioning from desktop to mobile. Now that the BlueBottleBiz mobile app mirrors the cloud platform, all activities conducted on your desktop are saved. So, what this means is you can pick up learning right where you left off. When you login to the app, continue reading your favorite book, resume following the Discovery Path you were halfway through or finish watching the video you didn’t get the chance to finish before heading to your meeting.
  2. Your central learning hub is front and center. MyDesk, your personalized learning homepage, is now accessible via the mobile app and it’s the first screen you’ll land on after logging in. MyDesk features all of your previous activities, saved content, group activities and more.
  3. Teammates will look to you for answers. Why? Because you’ll always be armed with access to more than 40,000 books and videos from the best of the best in publishing (McGraw-Hill, Wiley, HarperCollins, etc.) Find answers to the latest industry questions, and continue to wow your colleagues and clients with in-depth knowledge.
  4. Connecting with global experts and professionals has never been easier. Sharing knowledge and collaborating to develop new ideas with like-minded professionals around the world is simple. With BlueBottleBiz v2, you can send direct in-app messages to your followers. Turn on notifications to receive alerts when new messages arrive in your inbox.
  5. Keep your finger on the pulse of company learning initiatives. Your company’s page – called People Hub – in BlueBottleBiz is now accessible via mobile devices, and features private (internal) content and resource recommendations.
  6. Experience tailored learning like never before. We believe the transition from desktop to mobile should be seamless. That is why we deliver the same content, topic and group recommendations directly to your mobile screen. Your specific interests dictate these recommendations.
  7. Engage in social media activities with a learning twist. If you come across a book, video or Discovery Path that you feel is relevant to audiences outside of BlueBottleBiz, easily share the resource externally to your social media profiles with a few quick taps of the finger. In addition, you can share to groups directly in BlueBottleBiz. Our new app embodies true collaborative and social learning.
  8. Quickly find the books and videos you’re looking for. With enhanced search filters, you’ll be able to look up answers on the fly, and streamline the way you conduct research. Filter your searches alphabetically, by popularity, or by specific publisher.
  9. Get personalized analytics. In-depth analytics give you insight into engagement that’s taking place within the app. Specific statistics include reading time and influencer reach. And, since the mobile app syncs to the cloud platform, this information is always up to date. These stats will come in handy for learning pros looking to measure the effectiveness of the app within their organizations.
  10. Learn whenever, wherever and however you want: With our mobile collaborative learning app, you are no longer confined to accessing your trusted resources between 9-5. Instead, you have the flexibility to take a deep dive into one of our Discovery Paths while waiting in line for coffee. Or, watch a quick video before you turn in for the night.

In conclusion, learning with BlueBottleBiz is all up to you! Enjoy the convenience of accessing BlueBottleBiz’s renowned content, collaborative tools and your own professional network via your mobile device. Head over to the App Store or Google Play Store, and download the app today.  


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